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UC Browser HD

UC Browser HD

Mobile browsing as it should be

Speedy and smooth with intuitive gesture control - what more could you ask for from a browser? Luckily UC Browser HD - which is specially designed for tablets and phablets - delivers all this and more.

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  • Designed especially for tablets
  • Really fast browsing
  • Intuitive gesture control
  • Cloud sync
  • Very easy to use


  • Two-finger swipe to change tab doesn't always work

Speedy and smooth with intuitive gesture control - what more could you ask for from a browser? Luckily UC Browser HD - which is specially designed for tablets and phablets - delivers all this and more.

All about the tablets

Most browsers these days come with similar features: tabbed browsing, incognito mode, night mode, cloud sync, and some kind of speed boost option. UC Browser HD includes all these, plus its own unique touches to make it standout.Firstly, the browser has been optimized for tablets (although you can chose to browse in smartphone mode as well). Not only are its intuitive swipe gestures (swipe left or right to move tabs, up to open a tab and down to close one) designed with tablets in mind, you can also set websites to open in tablet format if one is available. While most sites have had some form of mobile offering for years, tablet-optimized sites are becoming more common due to the increasing use of this form factor, but this isn't something most browsers cater for.Then there is the speed mode, which is designed not only to enable faster browsing but also to use less data by compressing images and using the lite version of sites when available. UC Browser HD calculates that it uses half the data when browsing in speed mode and loading images in standard quality (as opposed to low or high).The mid page controls are a real bonus, allowing you to easily close a tab, go back or forward a page, and return to your homescreen without having to move your hand back to the top of the screen. This is especially handy when you're on a ten-inch or bigger tablet. It's these extra, well-thought-out features that make UC Browser HD a must have for any tablet user. Another feature that will have most users cheering is its built-in ad blocking system. UC Browser HD is extremely speedy at opening webpages without compromising on the browsing experience. It also is very smooth. Other browsers that have similar advanced settings to UC Browser HD over complicate the settings menu leaving you confused as to how to make the adjustments you want. Not so in this case. The right sidebar menu displays icons for incognito mode, night mode, and favorites, along with a well organized menu for the rest of the options. It's very straightforward and perfect for casual users.The app boasts intuitive gesture-based controls, which is an ideal system for mobile browsing. Unfortunately, given how greatly the content on web pages varies, this is unreliable and the only weak point I can think of to pick out in the browser. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I find it easier to switch, open, and close tabs the usual way.A better application of the gesture-based controls is when watching videos, as this works really well. It's swipe up or down to adjust the volume and left or right to move through the track. Just a note, YouTube doesn't like the speed boost mode, so you'll need to turn it off to watch videos.

Built for mobile

Most browsers have been built for the web first (Firefox, Chrome, etc) and have merely tweaked their offering for mobile devices (phones and tablets). But UC Browser HD is a perfect example of what a mobile browsing experience should be, feeling like it's truly been built with the different needs and uses of these users in mind. '

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UC Browser HD


UC Browser HD

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